Hurricane Preparation affects insurance money

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

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Satellite view of a hurricane

Find out the most important steps of hurricane preparation you should perform to receive maximum reimbursement from your insurance company for your storm damage.

Advanced preparation can save you thousands !

Hurricane season is upon us and the most active time of the season is now. A developing storm can arrive within days, and can strengthen last minute on our doorstep. Preparation immediately prior to the storm's arrival typically involves shopping for provisions, clearing the yard of potential flying debris, shutter application, and for some, evacuation plans are implemented. At this stage, time is of the essence.

BEFORE YOU ARE IN THE PROJECTED PATH there are critical steps you should take.

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS- Can be electronically stored, photographed, and secured in waterproof container you can easily take with you if you need to leave your home. These include insurance policies, birth certificates and passports, bank and financial account information, medical records, titles and deeds, vital contact information.

PHOTGRAPH ITEMS IN YOUR HOME- All electronic equipment- computers, TV's, stereo's, appliances- and include the back side with model and serial numbers. Capture fine arts and jewelry. Don't forget outdoor equipment and gear, boats, bikes, etc.

DOCUMENTATION AND PROOF of your home and contents are essential for receiving reimbursement for your loss.

After the storm, photograph your damage. Call your insurance agent to report the damage. Once an inspection is made by the insurance company and you receive an offer from the insurance company to cover damages, CALL US FIRST, DO NOT ACCEPT THE OFFER. Learn what a local professional can do for you.

As an independent public insurance adjuster, we will guide you and advise if the offer is complete or if you are entitled to more money to cover damages.

DO NOT think the first offer is final.

DO NOT have work done by an unlicensed contractor, as it will not be eligible for reimbursement.

DO CALL US ! Accredited Public Insurance Adjuster of Indian River County represents you, the insured, and negotiates with the insurance company to obtain a fair compensation for your loss.

Steven Philipson has been a local Public Insurance Adjuster since 2005, and a licensed residential and commercial contractor since 1981. He has successfully obtained additional monies for his clients year after year. There is no cost to you for his services as he is only paid a percentage of the ADDITIONAL monies he obtains for you.

Contact us today to answer any questions you may have, and to get you started on the road to your financial recovery.


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