Be Prepared

What To Do Before A Disaster Occurs

Satellite view of a hurricane
  • Make sure you have the kind of insurance coverage you want and need.
  • Review your insurance policies. Do they cover Actual Cash Value or Replacement Costs?
  • Take photos of your home, inside and out, and your valuables. Keep copies.
  • Store organized papers, policies, and photos in a secure, portable location.

What To Do After A Disaster

  • Notify your insurance company of your loss as soon as possible and call us for assistance.
  • Perform temporary emergency repairs to prevent further damage. Keep all receipts.
  • If the property is not secure, remove all valuables after taking photographs.
  • Make a detailed inventory list with a description of every damaged item and photograph them all before removal to ensure you have claim evidence.
  • Don't let your damaged personal property and debris be removed by anyone until it has been properly documented and photographed. Keep copies of all documents and photographs submitted to your insurance company.
  • Do not sign any authorization contracts except temporary property board-up.
  • Record all your loss-related activities. Keep a clear paper/electronic trail of all relevant expenses and keep receipts.
  • Keep a communication log with your insurance company (phone calls, emails, faxes, letters, etc.). Document the date, time, to whom you spoke, and what was discussed.
  • Be present when the insurance company's adjuster inspects your property. Have copies of all information and photos given to the adjuster. Have us there, too, and we can be sure the inspector sees all the damage and accurately documents your losses to optimize the payment you receive.
  • Do not sign any insurance releases or waivers until you are satisfied that you've received a fair settlement. Signing a release is not necessary for a settlement, and most insurers will still pay you without it.
  • Get more than one estimate before accepting a bid for restoration. We can recommend trusted professionals.
  • By law, you cannot profit from a claim. Insurance fraud is a serious crime.

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