Team of Professionals

Damaged roof with shingles missing

As a licensed general contractor who has worked exclusively in Indian River County since 1984, I have developed strong relationships with experienced professionals I trust to work with my clients. Because of these long-term connections, I am confident you will receive prompt, courteous service, and excellent work.

We are separate legal entities with no financial relationships. While hiring contractors and other professionals is entirely your choice, we are happy to make recommendations to help speed the recovery process.

  • Water Removal/Remediation
    Experts use the best of various techniques for your situation. They can safely remove water with specially designed water vacuums and pumps, dry homes with industrial fans and heat (dehydration), and check for moisture in walls with moisture measuring devices (MMD).
  • Plumbers
    We work with a multi-generational family of plumbers with extensive experience in Indian River County. Because of our long-term relationship, our clients typically receive prompt attention and service.
  • Roofers
    I recommend several roofers who specialize in metal and asphalt shingles, or in tile. Having someone specific to your roof’s material is better to ensure more efficient, skilled work.
  • Mold Removal/Remediation
    The three-step mold elimination process:
    1. Our mold assessor determines if mold exists and writes a protocol specific to the claim. The protocol describes the course of action to be taken to eliminate the mold.
    2. Our mold remediation expert includes A/C and duct cleaning services as part of the comprehensive protocol.
    3. A licensed, independent party provides a written certification that your home is mold-free.
  • Drywall Finishers and Painters
    Our drywallers provide seamless repairs, aligned with trim carpenters and painters on a timely schedule, producing results indistinguishable from pre-loss conditions.
  • Cabinet/Countertop Manufacturer and Installer
    Our recommended manufacturer and installer do customized work according to your specifications. They have the additional benefits of familiarity with various materials as well as long-term, changing, and current style trends and a local showroom.
  • Attorneys
    • Our success rate for reversing denied legitimate claims covered by insurance policies is nearly 95%. In rare cases, insurance companies insist on denying covered claims. By working with one of our recommended attorneys in such circumstances, we've had a success rate close to 100% for reversing denials for over 15 years. When you engage an attorney, you authorize the attorney to work with me.
    • Public adjusters and attorneys are the only people allowed by law to represent policyholders with their insurance companies.
    • The attorney will discuss any potential cost with the insured in advance.
    • In the even rarer event that the attorney has reason to believe they can’t win the case, they will decline to take it, so there are neither attorney’s nor public adjuster’s fees.